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Putting on the Gear to Ride!

Drivetrain provides both technical and rider benefits for popular Internal Gear Hubs, Derailleurs, Chains, Idlers & Brakes

Sometimes the engine could use a little help .

Pedals are the first point of contact between the "engine" and the drivetrain. As the rider's legs face forward rather then down the potential of a foot slipping off the pedal is much higher on a recumbent. On a tadpole if the rider's foot slips off the pedal and catches on the pavement the back of the calf can strike the axle sometimes with very painful consequences.

Three types of Pedals


Cranksets are often provided by the trike OEM in one standard size although that one size won't be optimal for all riders. Depending on the rider's physique a standard size may not even be tolerable. Adding to the complication of finding the right crank, they come with different bolt circles to attach the Chainwheels as well as different mounting provisions (Bottom Brackets) to attach to the trike. Find out whats the best fit for you!

Derailluers, Chains & Shifters are the subject of several books.